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STR8eyes was founded out of the love to help patients specifically babies and kids. We offer family care that emphasises specialty paediatric frames, family eye wear and specialty custom made contact lens fitting for babies, kids & adults.

We strive to offer personable care, advice and to make eye care a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Through my extensive work experience it became apparent that personable specialized service is of the utmost importance especially for parents that are increasingly having difficulty finding properly fitted glasses for their children. Properly fitted eye wear with the correct prescription and the proper sitting position specifically for the paediatric portion of the patients is often a problem and can often be a big hindrance towards achieving the optimal vision and the targeted visual goal.


Top Opticians in Kingston, ON

Congratulations to STR8eyes Contact Lense & Optical for winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards in Kingston Optician

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We would love for our patients and clients to experience the warm, friendly and professional service combined with fulfilling all their eyeglass needs and expert advice and knowledge of the latest most advanced materials that offer the best optics, UV coatings and optimum fit.

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